Are you looking for a unique local fundraiser that is easy to run and offers a high 25% return? Uncle Mike's does fundraisers!

Why choose Uncle Mike's for your fundraising?

1. It is easy to put on.
We will provide you with a flyer (e flyer available) advertising our products and explaining how to order. Which you then can distribute to your community. Your customers are directed to our website and given a code. They place their order and simply enter the code at the end. This alerts us that the order was placed for your fundraiser so your organization will receive the return. At the end of your fundraising window, (if within Saskatoon) we will deliver the orders to your organization to disperse (we will package and label them), or your customers are given the opportunity to pay for shipping and receive their order more promptly.

2. We offer a high return.
We offer a return of 25%!! At the end of your fundraiser, we will write you a cheque for 25% of the total value of the sales that your fundraiser brought in. 

3. It's healthy, unique and local. 
It's not your typical steak night or boxed chocolate sale. Uncle Mike's products offer a unique fundraiser with a product that is made in Saskatoon. Plus, they make great gifts!

Contact us at for more information about fundraising.


Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the flyer that you provide?
We will provide a print flyer advertising the fundraiser. It has products and prices on one side and instructions for how to order on the other. A sample can be sent to you.

How does ordering work?
The flyer will direct your friends and family to our online store. They shop and add items to their cart as usual. At check out, after entering their information, they will enter the discount code assigned to your fundraiser. This will not apply a discount to their order, but instead will alert us that this order was placed as part of your fundraiser. 

How does delivery work?
Customers are given a few delivery options including a free option, or they can pay for delivery. Customers who choose to pay for their order will have their order sent out promptly. Customers who choose free delivery will have their order delivered to your organization at the end of the fundraiser. We will deliver these orders to you at once, at the end of your fundraiser. They will be individually packaged and labelled for easy dispersal. 

How long can we run the fundraiser?
The fundraiser can be run for one week to one month.

How do we receive our fundraising return?
At the end of the fundraiser, we cut a cheque to your organization for 25% of the sales (before taxes). We will also provide a list of the orders placed as part of your fundraiser.