"I used Uncle Mike's Hand Salve and it completely SAVED my hands!!! It was amazing. It left my hands feeling super moisturized with out being overly greasy and it smelled oh so lavender fresh. I loved it. I'm totally hooked. If you're looking for an awesome product that is good for the planet and your body, Uncle Mikes is where its at!" ★★★★★ — Jill 

"The soap is wonderful, smells great, and leaves your skin soft and smooth.  Love the fact that it's made by a real person - not churned out of some big machine by a person pushing a button!" — Barb 

"I am in LOVE with your soap! It lathers so nicely and the smell is heavenly!!" — Desta

"I use my chapstick several times a day and love it!" — Mel

"I love the Vanilla Mintrus soap! It rinses clean and smells so good! Thanks Mike!" — Jen

"Ahhh, how nice my house smells from the candy cane soap. I love it. Perfect for Christmas." — Grace

"Best ever natural deodorant!" — Janelle

"Seriously, this product is soooo good. I have sensitive skin and am allergic to many fragrances. Mike uses all natural products, and my skin thanks him! P.S. the shaving products kick ass!!!!" — Christian

My preteen & I spent the evening sniffing each other's pits. OMG we love your deodorant! Thank you! And it works! He smelled awesome by the end of the day still! w o w — Monica 

"I was gifted the man bar. I must say that I have been incredibly pleased with it. The smell is great, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I cannot say enough good things about it. Thank you so much for such an awesome product!!" — Paul

"Before moving to the arctic I made sure to buy an ample supply of man bars to get me through the long, dark, and cold winter. The sun has just returned today, but am I ever thankful for this great product that got me through the last month of darkness. There's nothing that snaps you out of the Canadian arctic winter blues like the refreshment of a man bar.  The envigorating scent takes me away to better times, warmer times. The man bar makes me feel whole again and its musk is reminiscent of hot walks in the forest and steamy summer pleasure.  Thanks Uncle Mike, the arctic just wouldn't be the same without my man bar." — Luc

"I'm a big hand washer. Foaming hand soap from Uncle Mike is out of this world. Can hardly wait to wash my hands again!" — Wally SatzewichSpin Farms


“I’ve been using Uncle Mike's Muscle Mud for the last month. I'm finding it just as good or better than other commercially available product, and it's locally produced.                        Highly recommended…”  — Dan Paquette RMT.


"Amazing deodorant ... I have not yet found anything that even comes close to this product - and I've been looking far and wide since I hit puberty 20 years ago!" — Jason