All Natural Hippie Deodorant that Actually Works

How I Developed My Most Popular Product and Why Thousands of People Like You Use it Everyday

In 2007, when I started developing products for myself; deodorant was at the top of the list of things to create. I wanted a deodorant that looked and felt like 'normal' deodorant that I was accustomed to. I wanted a deodorant that didn't contain aluminum and other toxins to 'stabilize the compound'. I wanted to know that what I was putting on my body everyday would be safe for me and my family.


While researching the healing properties of essential oils, I began to experiment with odor fighting scents and deodorizers. This led to numerous experiments in the kitchen and a collection of jars with different combinations of oils and essential oils. Literally — years of experimentation and work


Finally I had developed a deodorant with a blend of all natural ingredients. An exact mixture of essential oils and natural ingredients designed to fight odor causing bacteria and keep you dry. It looks and feels like normal deodorant. It is and was exactly what I wanted. Soon I was giving it to friends and family... and the word spread. Now thousands of people like you are rubbing a little Uncle Mike's on themselves every day!


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Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

Deodorant basically prevents unwanted odour - it does not prevent sweat. Ingredients within deodorant are specifically designed to eliminate or mask the smell caused by bacteria. Body odour is produced by the bacterial breakdown of sweat.


Antiperspirants on the other hand, prevent our body from producing sweat by blocking sweat from reaching the skin. Aluminum is the active ingredient found in most antiperspirants. Aluminum blocks the pores so that sweat cannot pass through. There have been many claims that aluminum is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. It appears that further research is required to totally validate these claims.


I am not telling you what is best for you. Personally I would much rather be using a product that contains natural ingredients. I would try to avoid aluminum whenever possible.  


The Good Stuff About Uncle Mike's Deodorant

  • does not contain any aluminum or parabens
  • made with 100% natural and organic ingredients
  • for men and women
  • looks and feels like normal deodorant
  • risk free guarantee
  • stops odour causing bacteria with natural absorbents
  • keeps you feeling dry and smelling fresh

    What Real People Are Saying

    The Risk Free All Natural Deodorant Guarantee

    So you're looking at trying the Uncle Mike's All Natural Deodorant, but you're not sure. You've been using the same deodorant since you've been ten years old. You like how it feels, it works fine ...whatever. You have flashbacks to that one time you tried a new brand — 14 years later the memories still send shivers down your spine. Sure you probably are a little hesitant that some of the ingredients in your current deodorant are a byproduct of industrial aluminum smelting, but that dang change can be so hard - especially when it comes to natural deodorants. 

    I get it.  

    This is The Uncle Mike's Deodorant Guarantee:

    If you are not happy with your purchase of Uncle Mike's Deodorant simply let me know and I will refund your money, you keep the deodorant. I will also buy your original brand as replacement and send it to you free of charge.




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